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We're a website design agency based in Blaine and we're here to help local businesses all over Minnesota, including the Twin Cities, Minneapolis, and St. Paul, grow their customer base with custom-designed websites. Our team makes sure your site uses the right keywords and SEO tactics to get you noticed on Google. Our goal is simple: boost your local rankings and help you stand out online.

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Importance of SEO

  • 82% of people use google
  • 54% of clicks come from the top few listings of googles search results.
  • If your not top 5 in the organic search, there is only a 30% chance your site gets clicked on.

Think your business could be doing better online? Reach out to us for a complimentary SEO and Google ranking analysis to see where you stand and explore potential improvements.

How Your Website is made

After you contact us for a website, we'll discuss everything needed to make your site stand out. We'll cover details such as your services, photos, images, and even help with creating a logo if your business doesn't have one. At Minnesota Web Design, we're committed to doing whatever it takes to make your website shine.

SEO & Competitor Research

Google Keyword Research

Our marketing company begins with a comprehensive SEO and competitor keyword analysis, identifying both the strategies your competitors in Minnesota are using and the approaches of top-ranking businesses in your industry. Upon completing the project, we will provide you with a detailed report, enabling you to make informed SEO adjustments in the future.


Greenlight The Design 

The Blueprint/Wireframe

To ensure transparency and avoid any surprises, we will present you with a “blueprint” of your website’s layout and features before starting the design process. This allows you to review and request any changes to the layout in advance. By approving the layout early on, we can minimize the need for later modifications, saving time and reducing costs, which we pass directly back to you.

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Adding The Branding

Making it YOURS

The website will be personalized with your logo, color schemes, photos, and images to truly reflect what your business stands for. If you don’t have these, we can help!

 Additionally, keywords identified from our research will be strategically incorporated both visibly on the site and behind the scenes to enhance visibility and attract potential customers to your website.

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Minnesota Nice Pricing: Flat Rates, No Surprises

Born and raised in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities. I believe it is important to give back to the local businesses I grew up with. So we make it a point to have tranparent, flat rate pricing. With no hidden costs or fees with the website design. Minnesota Web Design goes 1 step further and does not require payment until the project is completed!

  • SEO & Competitor Analysis


    This is a description of the pricing package.

    • Free on Site SEO Research for your website.

    • Free Google Ranking Analysis

    • Does NOT include awesome Website made locally.

    • First come First serve

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We are proud to have Minnesota made website designs. Helping fellow Local businesses grow. Here are some of our partners. Located around: Fridley and Blaine

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